Department of CSE

VISION: To provide graduates with moral values and high academic goals in the area of computer science & engineering to meet present and future needs of society.


  • To train the students in latest technologies.
  • To provide quality education in both theoretical and applied foundation of computer science.
  • To groom our students become professionally and morally sound engineers.
  • To prepare graduates to handle computer software and hardware oriented projects for the industry
  • To develop excellence in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • To develop Research activity and organize Ph.D programmes in the department


Department of Computer Science & Engineering & Information Technology

The department is established in the academic year 2008-09. Experienced faculty is available in the cadre of professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors according to the norms of the university. The department has established several laboratories with advanced and modern Computers, softwares.


Data Structures Lab through C++:                       OBJECT- ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB

DBMS Lab                                                         Computer Networks and Operating Systems Lab

 Web Technologies and Compiler Design             CASE TOOLS AND SOFTWARE TESTING LAB



Cse 2Cse 1


  • The Department is equipped with five Computer labs with high end configuration. The Department is headed by an Associate Professor with Doctoral Degree having decade of teaching experience, 2 Associate Professors with M.Tech. and 9 Assistant Professors form the strength of the Department.
  • To provide the students with a solid foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals required to solve real-world problems with the application of computer science knowledge with teamwork and problem solving skills.
  • To train the students with good depth of knowledge in the core areas of computer science so as to comprehend engineering trade-offs, analyze, design, and synthesize data and technical concepts to create novel products and solutions for their real-life problems.
  • To train the students in professional and communication skills and exposure to contemporary technologies for immediate employment for life-long learning in advanced areas of computer science and its related fields.
  • To develop students to excel with leadership qualities along with diverse career paths towards professional ethics for a successful career.
  • In view of the revolution in Communication and Computer sector in the world, there is a challenging task ahead for Computer Professionals. Keeping this in view, the Computer Science course has emerged as one of the indispensable engineering.
  • The Department organized a technical workshop on ANDROID, BDA, IOT & CLOUD COMPUTING.
  • The Department organized a series of Guest lectures in every semester from various premier institutes and universities delivered their expert talks and shared their research experiences with students.

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