Department of EEE

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering in Avanthi’s Scientific Technological & Research Academy right from its inception during 2008.

Vision: To produce globally renowned leader in education, extension activities and Carrying out research and technology development in frontier areas of electronics and electrical engineering and allied fields.


  • To produce quality electrical and electronics engineers having strong theoretical foundation, innovative, good design experience, exposure to research and development and responsible for social needs
  • To impart a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering practice.
  • To undertake projects and research activities in collaboration with national premier institutions and R&D centres.
  • To foster student with innovative designs and make them industry – ready with relevant projects.
  • To expose students to critical challenges and life-long learning in the broadest context of upcoming technologies.

The Department has well experienced faculty members and well established laboratories.

The major laboratories of the Dept are:

1) Electrical Machines Lab,
2) Power System lab
3) Power Electronic Lab
4) Control System Lab and Electrical Measurements Lab.

The computational lab has Matlab software with all tool boxes and PSCAD software and is going to procure NEPLAW/Mi Power software for conducting studies on inter connected Power System.

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The department is established in the academic year 2009-10. Experienced faculty is available in the cadre of professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors according to the norms of the university. The department has established several laboratories with advanced and modern equipment,tools.All the labs are spacious, well established and equipped with the required machinery such as DC and AC generators and motors, Transformers, Rheostats, Voltmeter and Ammeter (both digital and analog).

  Networks Lab                                                                 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab

  Electrical Machines Lab                                                  Power Electronics Lab                             

  Control Systems Lab                                                      Simulation of Electrical Systems Lab

  Electrical Measurements Lab  

Future Scope in Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

The Scope of EEE branch is Unlimited provided you choose which Option to opt in near future. EEE degree will provide a global arena of options but you have to tap it to become successful. EEE/EE allows you to have benefits of Mechanical, Civil, CSE & ECE branches in the Long run.

Who Should Opt for EEE?
Those who want to Join PSU/Govt Sector in the Long run should opt for EEE. EEE degree will make you eligible to write exams and you can SWITCH from MASS RECRUITER to Your Dream Sector. 

EEE is almost similar to Electrical Engineering (Although Difference Exist in Courses of Curriculum of different Universities).It is not a CAKEWALK particularly if you HATE Fourier Series, Laplace Transforms, DTFT and Other Mathematical Tools.

Graduate in EEE can go for Diverse fields whether it is PSU Job, Core Sectors like Construction & Steel, IT Industry, Consultancy/Finance Job, Electronics Design and a myriad of Profiles like Business Development Associates, Content Development Manager etc.



EEE 3                                          

Placements 2017-18

  • Royal Engineers - 10
  • Genpact - 05
  • Hinduja Global Solutions -56
  • Global Logic - 15
  • Chevrolet Motors - 12
  • Hetero - 18


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